Benefits Of Buying A Duplex In Killeen

A duplex refers to a housing plan with two living units attached to each other with a common wall but separate entrances. The living units may share common spaces such as the driveway. Buying a duplex offers multitude of benefits.

Some notable benefits of buying a duplex in Killeen are:

  • Privacy: Duplexes offer complete comfort to the residents owing to open spaces such as porch, patio, lawn, etc. However, the residents can also rest assured of their privacy. The duplexes offered by Flintrock Builders ensure the privacy of residents by including features such as separate entrance and privacy fencing on front, back, between units, and side perimeter between properties. The features ensure that the residents enjoy a level of privacy akin to that offered by single family homes.
  • Additional Source Of Income: Half part (one living unit) of a duplex can be used as an additional source of income. The owner can either rent or sell half duplex as per his convenience. Renting the half duplex offers a source of income that can be used to pay off the mortgage, if any. This reduces the financial burden on the homeowner and helps in paying off the mortgage faster.
  • Family: A duplex is a great option for families with multiple generations. Half duplex can be used to take care of ageing parents as they can be kept nearby while still maintaining proper privacy and independence for both the parties. Depending upon the situation, half duplex can either be sold or rent out to family members who need extra care or limited supervision such as grandparents, parents, etc.
  • Luxury: The units of a duplex are well-equipped with features and amenities that ensure a luxurious lifestyle for the residents. Some of the features include garage doors pre-wired for door opener, privacy fencing, covered front porch and patio, spacious dining area, built-in dishwasher, stained concrete floors, etc. The duplexes also offer energy saving features such vinyl and exterior taped windows, HVAC systems, etc.
Flintrock Builders offer quality built duplexes in Killeen, TX. The duplexes include features such as privacy fence, covered front porch, side patio, built-in dishwasher, custom-built oak stained cabinets, Vinyl windows, etc. To know more about benefits of buying a duplex in Killeen, visit Flintrock Builders, 105 E FM 2410, Harker Heights, TX – 76548 or call at (254) 393 – 1412.