Choosing The Rights Elements For Your Dream Custom Home

Earl Nightingale said “All you need is the plan, the road map, and the courage to press on to your destination.” This statement holds true in the process of building a custom home. It is important to have a clear idea of the elements that need to be incorporated in the custom home to ensure that the custom-built home will fulfill your dreams.
Here are some tips to help you choose the right elements to build your dream custom home:

  • Communicate Your Dream: Give your dream a physical shape to help the design team understand what you want. Brainstorm the ideas and make a rough sketch of the type of home you want. Alternatively, you can make a list of features that you wish to be incorporated in each room of the custom-built home. Another great way is to collect pictures of homes that showcase your desired features from internet or magazines.
  • Think About The Future: An ideal dream home will be the one where you can envision your future. So, think if you are planning to have children, will your aging parents live with you, etc. This will help you in choosing elements including the right number of rooms, special accommodations and required features.
  • Focus On The Lot: When choosing the right elements for your dream custom home, make sure to consider the topography, size and other features of the lot. A simple example being, if the lot offers a beautiful view of a landscape, you can consider to design the custom home in a way that allows the living room to overlook the view.
  • Prioritize: Once the basic outlay of the custom home is designed, it is time to enlist and prioritize the required features. For example, if you have always dreamt of having a box window in the kitchen for growing herbs, you can list it higher in the priority list followed by the latest line of appliances. This will allow you to include the essential elements in your dream home and opt for low priority features if the budget allows.
  • Consider Function & Flow: Imagining a custom home design and living in that home are two different things. So, once the architect designs the home as per your requirements, analyze the design to see the way it flows. Ask yourself, if the design is functional and practical. This will help in choosing the elements that allow for an easy day-to-day functioning.
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