Duplex Properties: What You Need To Know

A duplex is a two-unit home in a single building wherein the units are arranged side-by-side and share a common wall. Each unit has a separate entrance but similar amenities and facilities. Duplexes are ideal for those in search of affordable housing options in good locations. They are also a good option for property investors interested in earning extra income in the form of rent.

Listed below are some interesting facts about duplexes:

  • Neighbors: Living in a duplex offers the privilege of having neighbors with whom you share some space and responsibilities. Each unit of a duplex is separated by a wall to ensure complete privacy.
  • Privacy: Duplexes offer the same comfort and convenience of a single home. Each unit has its own entrance and garage to ensure the inhabitants enjoy privacy at all times. So, you get to enjoy proximity with your neighbors but at the same time, there are clear demarcations of space and boundaries.
  • Location: The duplexes are usually located in places convenient for individuals.
  • Features And Amenities: A number of useful features and amenities are offered in most duplexes to add to the convenience and comfort of residents. For example, some of the features included in duplexes offered by Flintrock Builders are ceiling fans, concrete stained floors, built-in dishwasher, laundry facilities, modern kitchens, unique lighting features, covered patios, HVAC systems, full baths, vinyl windows, over-the-range microwave combos and more.
  • More Space: Duplexes are great for families with children as they offer plenty of space. Duplexes are made to be practical and convenient. They have spacious bedrooms, living areas, kitchens and outdoor space in the form of patios. Also, multi-generational families can easily live in separate units of a duplex and enjoy the bliss of togetherness without compromising on privacy.
  • Source Of Additional Income: Investing in a duplex offers the benefits of additional income in the form of rental income which helps to cover mortgage and maintenance costs. Over time the value of a duplex tends to appreciate and offer high returns, when sold.
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