Duplex homes for First Time Homebuyers

Duplexes are a great residential option for first time homebuyers. In addition to being a good investment opportunity, they also offer many amenities and features. At Flintrock Builders, we offer high quality duplexes at affordable prices. We are a multi-year Parade of Home winner with years of experience in home building.

Here are some reasons for which duplexes are a great investment option for first-time home buyers:

  • Rental Income: The biggest benefit of investing in a duplex as a first-time home buyer is that it facilitates extra income in the form of rental income. A duplex consists of two residential units, one of which can be rented out for additional income.
  • Mortgage Payments: You can reduce your mortgage payments by using the additional income to pay off your mortgage bills. This makes a duplex a better option for anyone interested in a residence that generates extra income too. After paying off the mortgage, the income earned can significantly improve one’s standard of living.
  • Tax Benefits: Investing in a duplex also helps in writing off a part of expenses towards taxes. You may have to consult your tax professional about the intricacies of the tax benefits you get as a duplex owner. Considering duplex as a business (as a duplex may produce income when rented), you are subjected to some tax benefits. (For all tax related information, please consult your tax advisor or qualified professionals with expertise in the taxation field)
  • Residential Benefits: Apart from the financial benefits of investing in a duplex, a first time home buyer also enjoys a number of benefits of staying in it. At almost the same price of investing in a single home, one gets to enjoy a variety of amenities and features that duplexes offer. At Flintrock Builders, we have designed our duplexes to offer maximum convenience at affordable prices. We offer modern amenities and features such as modern kitchen appliances, modern lighting features, dryer and washer, water heaters and more.
  • Affordability: If your first preference is an affordable accommodation for your growing family, then a duplex is the perfect investment for you. You get to enjoy more privacy, higher appreciation, high marketability, easy financing and proximity to prime locations.
  • Easy Financing: Duplexes are financed by all major financial institutions depending on buyer’s financial standing. 
For detailed information on duplexes in Central Texas, consider checking out our online listing of duplexes on our website. The listing provides high quality professional pictures of the duplexes along with details related to prices, features, amenities, location and more. We strive to offer well-maintained properties, outstanding customer care, a high level of excellence and unparalled craftsmanship.