Duplexes: The Perfect Investment

A duplex is the perfect investment for anyone interested in extra income in the form of rent or as an investment to be sold when it appreciates in value. Duplexes are usually in high demand as they offer most of the features that a single home offers and are affordable. They are great for those with two families looking for separate accommodation or for a group of people looking for affordable and spacious rental accommodation.

Investing in a duplex offers the following benefits:

  • Rent Out a Portion: Duplex investments are a good source of monthly cash flow if rented out. The owner may choose to live in one unit and rent out the other or rent out both units. This makes duplexes a lucrative investment that can be used to pay off mortgage payments and even take care of the property’s maintenance expenses.
  • Affordability: Investing in a duplex offers more for less in terms of the price. Duplexes are reasonably priced and are an affordable investment option.
  • High Demand: Duplexes are usually in high demand due to their convenience and affordability which make them easier to lease. Another reason due to which they are easier to lease is that they are spacious, well-equipped and offer privacy.
  • Easy Long-Term Financing: It is relatively easier to get a duplex financed through common financing modes like loans. This makes it a good investment for first time buyers.
  • Tax Benefits: Depending on local and Federal laws, duplex buyers may be entitled to certain tax benefits. Buyers should discuss the tax impact and tax benefits with qualified tax consultant and plan their investment accordingly.
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