Everything To Know About Custom-Built Duplexes In Killeen

A custom-built duplex poses as the most suitable choice for people looking for a multi-family home or a real estate investment. A duplex helps in creating equity while generating cash flow. However, in order to custom-build a duplex successfully, it is important to have some thorough considerations.

Here is a guide to everything beginners need to know before building a duplex:

  • Hire A Professional: It is advisable to hire a professional custom home builder at an early stage. Building a duplex is noticeably different than building any other property. So, a professional brings the required experience and knowledge to the table facilitating a smooth building process. Additionally, professional custom builders have working relationships with different vendors and suppliers which can be helpful in the duplex building process.
  • Research: Be affirmative to conduct thorough research before starting the custom-duplex building process. Before buying the land to build a duplex, make sure to confirm that council zoning allows building duplexes in the concerned area.
  • Budget: Budgeting is an important step before starting the custom-duplex building project. The building process involves numerous costs namely builder’s fees, materials cost, council fees, utility costs, etc. Plan accordingly and keep a buffer for any emergency.
  • Purpose: Have a crystal clear idea of the purpose for which the duplex is being built. Depending upon the purpose, the owner may be required to have the same or different titles for both the housing units. The duplex owner may use the housing units for an array of purposes such as renting both units, selling both units, selling one unit while renting the other, selling/renting one unit but retaining the other or retaining both units for housing different generations of the family.
  • Style: The most basic reason for choosing a custom building process is to have a high degree of personalization in the floor plan, interiors, exteriors, materials, flooring, fixtures, etc. So, it is important for the duplex owners to convey their personal choices to the custom builders in a crisp manner. They may go through different magazines or online portals and save images for reference.
  • Quality: Make it a point to ensure high degrees of build quality. It will help in elevating the value of the property. Also, in case the owner wants to rent or sell the duplex, quality plays an important role in generating higher ROI.
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