How To Tell Your Requirements To Custom Home Builders?

Effective communication is an intrinsic part of the relationship between a custom home builder and a client. When you know how to communicate your requirements in a clear and concise way, you pave way for a seamless experience with the custom home builder.   

Guidelines for communicating your requirements to a custom home builder are:

  • Do Your Homework: Be prepared before initiating a conversation about your requirements. Research on things that matter the most to you e.g. different floor plans (open layouts, bonus rooms, multi-storey homes, etc.), lots available in your area, features you love in your current home and would like to see in the new one, etc. Also, sit back and analyze your lifestyle to understand what you require; prioritize rooms that mean the most to you and your family members, whether you work from home, number of family members, pets, etc.
  • Choose A Suitable Communication Style: Effective communication relies on choosing a style that works for all the parties involved. Therefore, before telling your requirements to a builder, figure out what the best mode of communication would be. You can choose to make weekly calls, communicate via email, or meet in person.
  • Make Lists: Make a list of the essentials in terms of exterior finishes, type of foundation, interior finishes, and homebuilding extras. Also, make a list of features you would desire such as a pool, gym, media room, etc. and ask your builder if they can be included in your home. It is advisable to make copies of these lists and share them with your builder.
  • Give Visual Ideas: Research online or go through home magazines for visual inspiration. Use pictures to suggest what you want, as this is one of the most effective ways of communicating with builders.
  • Be A Good Listener: An important part of communicating your requirements is to be a good listener. Express what you want but at the same time, be willing to listen to what the builder has to say as an expert in the matter. Keep your mind open to his perspective on your requirements as it comes from years of experience and learning.
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