Interior Features To Consider When Buying A Duplex

Duplexes are multi-family homes with two units in a single building; they share a wall and are usually stacked side-by-side. Modern duplexes consist of a number of interior features that help in saving utility costs while adding to the appeal of the building.

Here are some interior features to look for when buying a duplex:

  • Flooring & Paint: Check the flooring of the duplex and ensure it is durable and easy to maintain. Most duplexes offer stained concrete floors as they are affordable, durable and pleasing to look at. Such floors are also fade-resistant and their color does not peel away or flake off with time. Also check whether it has a fresh coat of high quality paint.
  • Baths: A good duplex has full baths with solid surface countertops in all the baths i.e. powder bath, hall bath and master bath. Some even consist of extra touches like chrome faucets, brushed nickel doors and bath hardware, stylish lighting fixtures and painted door hinges.
  • Lighting: For a modern touch, look for unique lighting fixtures like LED Can-style lighting, flush mount LED light fixtures for the dining room, patio lighting, etc. A hint of modern lighting fixtures can change the look and feel of the entire duplex while conserving energy.
  • Kitchen Features: The kitchen is an important room to consider and this is where you need to look for the latest features. If you want a modern-looking kitchen, look for one with a black range of amenities like dishwasher, microwave, etc., solid surface countertops, a tile backsplash, cabinets with ample storage space, an undermount sink, a garbage disposal mechanism, a pantry and more.
  • Energy Saving Features: One of the most important features to consider when checking out a duplex is the energy saving features. Look for features such as energy-saving light fixtures, exterior taped windows, an HVAC leakage of 4% or less, fiberglass blown attic insulation and more.
  • Other Features: Some duplexes also include features like a master bedroom closet with multiple clothing racks, a textured and trimmed garage, re-keyable exterior deadbolts, etc. In most cases, you can upgrade the features in the duplex as per your requirements.
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