Multi-Family Homes In Killeen, TX

Living in a multi-family home like a duplex offers a number of benefits to residents and investors. As the name suggests, multi-family homes have more than one unit for multi-families that want to live under one roof or that can be rented out as multiple source of income. Duplexes have higher rental yields and a strong value growth. They cost less than single houses and are equally spacious and private for families.

Following are the benefits of multi-family homes:

  • Privacy: If privacy is a main concern for you, a multi-family home like a duplex is an ideal choice. Duplexes offer the same amount of privacy like that of a single home. They have privacy fences for the exterior portion and are separate from the second housing unit even though they share the same roof. There is no interference between the units as they are parted by a wall and have their own garages and patios.
  • Additional Income: Multi-family homes are a great source of additional income as one of their units can be rented out while the owner lives in the other. If the duplex is acquired by mortgaging, the additional income from rent may be used to pay off the mortgage expenses.
  • Ease of Maintenance: In a multi-family home, both the units are in a single lot which makes it easier to maintain. You can conduct a routine checkup, repairs and renovations of the properties in a single go. This is not only convenient for an owner but also helps in saving precious time, and money.
  • Feature and Amenities: Another benefit of duplexes is that they offer a variety of useful amenities and features. For example, at Flintrock Builders, we offer duplexes with energy-saving features, privacy fences, modern kitchens and bathrooms, etc. Our duplexes are located at prime locations and are well-maintained.
  • Space: If more space is something you want, our duplexes are the perfect choice. They are large and spacious both outside and inside. While all the rooms are airy, large and well-ventilated, the outdoor area consists of spacious garages and large yards.
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