Reasons To Buy Duplexes In Killeen

Duplexes are a highly sought after form of investment due to the benefits they offer to the investor. The experience of living in a duplex is similar to that of living in a single house. They comprise of two separate living units in the same building, both living units being completely independent of each other.

Following are reasons to consider buying a duplex:

  • Affordability: Duplexes are financially viable investments for first time home buyers or those with a limited budget.
  • Neighbors: A duplex comprises of two living units that share a wall while offering complete privacy. The buyers can choose to rent one unit. This makes it a good option for those who like the comfort of responsible neighbors.
  • Extra Income: Duplexes are a source of extra income as they are easier to lease. Most people prefer staying in duplexes as they offer immense space comparable to single family homes. Renting out a portion of your duplex also helps cover or lower your monthly mortgage payments.
  • Amenities And Facilities: Duplexes offer a number of modern facilities and amenities such as privacy fences, custom built kitchens, bathroom cabinets, covered front porches, HVAC systems, refrigerator, taped windows, hose bibs, master bedroom closets and more.
  • High Occupancy Rate: Duplexes enjoy a relatively high demand in Killeen and surrounding areas due to factors like affordability, good locations/neighborhood, privacy, amenities, features and more.
  • Privacy: Although there are two adjoining living units in a duplex, each unit has complete privacy. The living units have separate entrances and are fenced to ensure privacy, safety and security.
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