Tips For Choosing Land For A Custom Built Home

Choosing the right lot of land for building a custom home is a huge decision, but it is worth extra hard work to find a piece of land that fits your vision. Choice of land has a great impact on the value of the home and the lifestyle of the homeowner.

Here are some tips for choosing land for a custom built home:

  • Research The Location: When choosing the land, it is equally important to consider the neighborhood as the location. Consider your lifestyle and daily requirements to choose a suitable neighborhood. Important points to consider include the distance of the land from your place of work and other amenities in the neighborhood such as schools, grocery stores, cultural spaces, etc. Research the location properly and do not limit the research to online sources only. Make it a point to physically visit the neighborhood to have a clear idea of the property and neighborhood.
  • Examine Topography: The topography of the land is highly important to be considered before building a custom home. Topographical features such as valleys, cliffs, rivers, etc. may offer a great view but these features can act like a barrier in the building process. so make sure to look out for rock outcroppings, embankments and other physical traits because these features can reduce the buildable area of the land.
  • Consider Zoning: Local zoning laws and other rules set by homeowners association (if property is in a developed community) can have an impact on your lifestyle. So, it is important to investigate covenants and easements applicable on the land.
  • Preparation: The land may require preparation before a custom home can be built on the land. Check if there are any existing structures on the land, which may need to be demolished before building a custom home on the lot of the land.
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