Understanding The Concept Of A Duplex

A duplex is a building built on one lot, with two side-by-side single-family units with separate entrances for each occupant; in some cases the units are stacked on top of one another. Many prefer to live in duplexes due to benefits such as privacy, a garage, yard, modern amenities and affordability.

Let us take a look at how duplexes work:

  • Two In One: A duplex is one building with two separate homes consisting of different entry points. This means that two entirely different families can live in the same building but enjoy maximum privacy and no interference with one another. Each family has accessibility to its own garage and other amenities while enjoying the perks of having a neighbor close-by.
  • Mirror-Image Spaces: Duplexes are made in such a way that they are mirror-images of one another. The building is constructed on a single footprint and the living units share a wall. They have equal square-footage and exactly the same features are provided in each.
  • Affordability: Duplexes are a great option for those in search of affordable housing options. This is because minimal space is used to offer the perks of a single-home without compromising on facilities and comfort. They are also a good option for larger families looking for a separate yet connected accommodation for the elderly. Also, homeowners can earn additional income by leasing one unit of the property.
  • Feature-Rich: The concept behind a duplex is to offer more for less; this means one gets to enjoy the latest features for a reasonable price. Common features provided in duplexes are ceiling fans in bedrooms and the living room, LED lighting fixtures, custom-built cabinets, kitchen pantry, spacious dining area, garage door openers, side patio with lighting, covered front porch, energy-saving features and more.
  • Privacy: Duplexes are meant to offer comfort to residents in the form of open spaces such as lawns, patios, porch, etc. while catering to privacy. For privacy, features such as separate entrances, front and back fencing, fencing between units and on-side perimeters are provided. These features ensure residents enjoy privacy like that offered by single family homes.
  • Custom-Built Duplexes: Duplexes can also be built to suit the personal needs and preferences of residents. For this, you can contact builders who specialize in custom-built duplexes for unique ideas. With the help of professionals, you can build a duplex of your choice and include features as per your taste and budget; the possibilities are limitless in terms of styles and designs.
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