Why To Buy A Duplex In Central Texas

If you are thinking of investing in a duplex in Central Texas, consider the properties on sale by Flintrock Builders. At Flintrock Builders, we are a team of professionals who specialize in creating unique duplexes. Duplex is an easy choice in Central Texas as it offers a number of benefits to investors in terms of additional income and fewer maintenance costs among others.

Listed below are some reasons for buying a duplex:

  • Additional Income: Duplexes can be let out on rent for additional income that may be used to cover mortgage and maintenance expenses. If you work from home, it can also serve as an additional work space.
  • Tax Deductions: If you own a duplex, you are qualified to tax deductions as the second unit is considered as an investment property. These deductions are applicable to mortgage interest, deductibles and property taxes. The write-offs are considered as itemized deductions. You should consult a qualified CPA to understand how deductions work in case of duplexes.
  • High Demand: The demand for duplexes is usually on the higher side because of the benefits they offer. Most people prefer to live in duplexes due to privacy, affordability, spaciousness, modern amenities, proximity to prime locations and more. They are a good option for growing families looking for affordable accommodation and the same features of a single home.
  • Affordable: Duplex investments offer more for the same amount that one would spend on a single home. So, you get two units at the price of a single unit plus other benefits i.e. the property is highly marketable and appreciates fast. If you are interested in getting a duplex financed, you can do so through common financing options like traditional home loans, etc. The cost of maintaining a duplex is also less as you can maintain two housing units in a single go without adding to transportation and professional services costs.
  • Lucrative Features: Duplexes cater to the financial and personal requirements of every kind of buyer. They are available at different price ranges and offer a number of useful features and modern amenities. Some of the amenities provided include modern kitchen appliances, dryer and washer, modern lighting fixtures, water heaters and more. The features include covered porches, concrete floors, solid surface countertops, ceiling fans and more.
Consider checking out the online listing on the website for complete information about the duplexes offered. You will get access to information regarding different kinds of property, floor plans, number of rooms, etc. The home builders promise unparalled craftsmanship, well-maintained property, outstanding customer care, high level of excellence and a comprehensive warranty program.

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