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1- Flintrock Builders use Supply Pro to communicate Work orders, EPOs, Job notes, and other documents. As a Vendor/Trade do you agree to use Supply Pro within 30 days of starting work?*
2- You are required to keep a copy of your updated certificate of insurance & W-9, this must be current and up to date.*
3- Pricing agreements will be signed and honored by the Builder & Trade. Any adjustments to pricing must be communicated with Flintrock Management & a new agreed signed pricing.*

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Disclaimer: This is for Trade Partner INQUIRY purposes only and does not guarantee that the Trade Partner will receive any work from C.A. Doose & Company, inc. d/b/a Flintrock Builders. All information provided by Trade Partner is provided willingly and with the understanding that the information, and pricing, provided does not guarantee that Trade Partner will be awarded any of Flintrock Builders work.